Teclite Industries Products.

For use when resizing cutouts or installing trimless LED downlights.

For the last 50 or so years downlights have been installed exactly the same way with little regard for the asthetic or change in how the install was done.

Teclite Industries have developed and patented the 21st century way of installing downlights in a truely trimless install system for the very best modern finish.

A 21st century invention for 21st century construction.

Why Trimless?

Trimless is in some ways the perfectionist’s choice and in this era of minimalist design, it is becoming extremely popular. The seamless look has a clean elegance that has caught the imagination of designers, architects, and clients alike. Stylistically could we be heading out of the predominant post industrial aesthetic back to a more minimal clean lined aesthetic?

What is Trimless?

Essentially trimless is a way of hiding the fixture or fitting and to allow the light itself to play the dominant role. Although trimless downlights has been on the radar for a while, niches, uplighters and floor washers, are now increasingly in vogue. Quite simply, LED has again played a major factor. Longevity of solid state light sources enables us to integrate lights anywhere in a space – with added peace of mind on future maintenance. Lower operating temperature also allows fittings to be enclosed in all areas too.

Who are Teclite Industries?

Teclite Industries Ltd is registered N.Z. company, founded in 2014. The company is devoted to research, engineering, and development of new technology in the area of installation products/ methods for electrical fittings in the domestic and commercial construction industry. For example Trimless/Flush mounted installation of Led Downlights. Our installation products are globally Patented, unique, and more, versatile, cost effective, than other products. In the past 5 years thousands of our products have been installed throughout NZ and Australia, so our products are tried and proven. Development and Patent costs thus far, exceeds 1.5miilion $NZ.

We have currently developed several products for LED downlight installation. Truely trimless install of LED downlights both domestic and commercial. 


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